Friday, August 27, 2010

Me, My Blog, And Other Quirks of Nature


This is the dreaded introduction introduction post I've been putting off. So, read it carefully because there won't be another one.

I am a girl trying to survive life on the planet Earth just like the rest of you. If at any point I ever sound very vague or overly metaphorical, it's because I'm a poet. I can't help myself! I express myself almost entirely through songs, short stories, and for the most part, poetry. Writing is my outlet, my art form. I yield a pencil as some painters yield a paintbrush. Words are my paint. I pride myself in being able to use words and make a picture just as clear as an artist could render a pastel-drawing.

I expect to use this blog to mostly showcase my writing, but I may occasionally write a review for a book, movie, or album.

My time is short at the moment, so I'll talk more later.

Check out Right Brain's sister blog, Left Brain, for more scientific content.

Hope to see you soon,

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