Monday, September 6, 2010

I Remember

This song was fully-formed in my head this morning when I woke up. I got up, wrote down the words, and went back to sleep. Now I can't remember the tune (meh). Here's the basic idea of it though.

Some days, we don't talk at all
Perhaps a smile, a brush of hand
Is all I've come to expect.

It seems that you're different than you were,
The things you said, the things you did
Are disappearing fast.

Maybe I should stop trying to bring it back
Cause lately, all I see is what you lack
And then,

I remember
When you said I was the sun.
I remember
When you said I was the only one.
I remember
Back to the days we used to
Laugh and dance and sing.
Yes, I remember
When you put your arm around my shoulder
I remember
When you said we'd be forever.
Whenever I want to fall apart,
I remember.

Some days I'm so mad that I could cry.
I wanted to save us, but now,
I can't remember why.

All my friends tell me to leave you
Cause if you aren't real and you can't show the world our love
Then it isn't love at all.

I look at the tattered of what we used to share
Why do I want back something that was never even there?
But then


I know that I can't keep you.
But with these memories I can never leave you.



Not the best, but not the worst either.

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  1. Cool. Sigh. It also makes me think of my marriage that was. Do you play guitar? Keyboard? I write songs too (looks shamefaced). Maybe I should have the guts to post a lyric or two...